My sweet 16 was special...because of this girl. She may shave her head and dye her hair crazy fuckin colors. But I love her for that, she's taught me more than I could ever know about life, and taught me to stop bein such a fuckin bitch to the people i love. She also gave me warnings that i didn't take into consideration about the people i hung out with and the guys i dated. And even when they fucked me over, she wasn't the one to say I told ya so, she was there to listen to me be a big baby for an hour or two...and then i was over it. She's probably the only friend that has ever cared about me and showed it throughout our friendship. I've known manna since I was 9 years old and she's just like my big sister...I can tell this girl ANYTHING about my life...and never once would she judge me. I miss the bitch, and now she's getting married WTF!??? lol